Top of West street down to Wath Town Centre


Top of West street down to Wath Town Centre. New buildings on right stand where the old George and Dragon was. In distance, All Saints Parish Church.


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  • Roy Vaughan says:

    The photo purporting to show the view from the top of West Street to Wath town centre was in fact the view from near the Grand cinema, and if you turned right at the bottom it took you up Cat Lane to the White Bear, which my uncle Fred Bradley kept for some years in the late 40’s. If you turned left at the bottom you came to the dance hall and The New Inn whose landlord was Peter Cope, and his dad was J.T.Cope who had the shop near the top of Chapel Street.

    • News Desk says:

      Yes, but this is a modern image. The right turn you mention Roy is Church Street. Thanks for your input it is appreciated. 🙂

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