Rotherham Council Considers Reduction in District Heating Charges

Rotherham Council is on the verge of recommending a significant reduction in district heating charges, responding to recent announcements by the Government and Ofgem. With a proposal set to be presented during the Council’s upcoming meeting, around 1,260 properties could see a reduction in the amount they pay for heat through the Council’s district heating network.

Earlier this year, the Council made the decision to increase the district heating unit charge to 20.68 pence per kWh, aiming to align it with the gas element of the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee, which stood at £3,000. However, subsequent developments, including a decrease in the cost of gas and electricity, have prompted the Cabinet to reconsider and recommend a reduction in payments to 15.94 pence per kWh.

The suggested reduction in district heating charges would bring prices in line with the Ofgem price cap for July 2023 onwards, providing residents with much-needed relief from rising energy costs. If the proposal receives approval, the change in price will be backdated, benefiting customers from April 2023.

Acknowledging the financial struggles faced by many residents, Councillor Chris Read, the Leader of Rotherham Council, expressed hope that the recommended reduction would offer them some respite amidst the mounting household bills and the increasing cost of living. Individuals grappling with bill management, tenancy concerns, or general financial worries are encouraged to seek help and advice from the Council’s dedicated webpage:

Editor’s Comment

Rotherham Council’s consideration of a reduction in district heating charges reflects a commendable responsiveness to recent developments in the energy sector.

By monitoring Government and Ofgem announcements and adjusting the charges accordingly, the Council demonstrates its commitment to keeping costs fair and affordable for its residents.

The potential reduction to 15.94 pence per kWh, if approved, not only aligns with the Ofgem price cap but also acknowledges the financial struggles faced by many households.

The backdating of the price change is a significant gesture, providing retroactive relief to customers since April 2023. It is encouraging to see local authorities actively seeking ways to ease the burden on their communities during these challenging economic times.

Residents are encouraged to utilize the Council’s money and debt advice services to ensure they have access to the necessary support and resources.

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