Prison for Assaulting Officer During Drug Arrest

A recent incident in Sheffield has led to the incarceration of a 35-year-old local woman for assaulting a police officer in the line of duty. Tammy Lane, a resident of Adlington Crescent, received a two-year prison sentence following her conviction for a section 20 assault. The incident occurred during a police operation to apprehend a suspect for drug-related offenses.

The court was informed that Lane’s attack resulted in the officer sustaining severe injuries, including a broken nose and four chipped teeth. This assault happened while the officer, working undercover alongside a colleague, was apprehending a suspect under the Misuse of Drugs Act in the city center.

During the operation, the suspect resisted arrest, and a bag containing 20 drug wraps fell from his pocket. Despite sustaining injuries, the officer managed to secure the drugs while keeping the suspect restrained. It was at this juncture that Lane intervened, delivering a forceful kick to the officer’s head, causing significant trauma.

The lead officer on the case praised the bravery of the injured officer, who managed to retain control of the situation until additional support arrived. This case highlights the dangers police officers face in their daily duties and serves as a reminder of the severe consequences of assaulting law enforcement personnel.

Lane admitted to the assault charges at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on October 2. The sentencing at Sheffield Crown Court on October 30 led to her two-year imprisonment. This sentence underscores the judiciary’s stern stance against any form of violence towards police officers.

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