The Town I Love So Well – My Wath-upon-Dearne

In Wath-upon-Dearne’s quaint embrace,
A village fair with gentle grace,
Where tales are woven, dreams take flight,
In the land of enchantment, day and night.

With rolling hills and meadows green,
A tranquil realm, a tranquil scene,
Where whispers dance on the breeze’s wings,
And magic in every moment springs.

Oh, Wath-upon-Dearne, how thou dost shine,
A jewel in Yorkshire’s grand design,
Where stories old and legends told,
Find solace in the streets of old.

A haven for the soul’s respite,
Where love and kindness reunite,
In the hearts of all who dwell,
In Wath-upon-Dearne’s enchanting spell.

So let us wander hand in hand,
Through this fair village, a timeless land,
Where dreams come true and hopes take flight,
In Wath-upon-Dearne’s eternal light.


From the Wath Team.

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