Stepping Up To The Real Situation With Coronavirus In Wath

The Coronavirus Pandemic has invoked serious measures in the United Kingdom.

Doctor’s Surgeries in line with Hospitals and other health departments are an essential group of facilities that MUST be safeguarded against Coronavirus infection of their staff and premises. A contaminated area cannot be accessed!

The Pandemic is a severe crisis that affects every human being on Planet Earth. That sounds pretty hyped up you might think, but truly, it is quite possible that millions of people in the UK could have to deal with the underlying symptoms of Coronavirus, some of whom might progress to a life threatening situation.

The spread of infection can easily be caused innocently by patients visiting and booking slots in an online GP consultation calendar appointment system without knowledge and understanding by the patient that they might be infected with Coronavirus which will inevitably impact on any medical staff coming into contact with the visitor.

For all our safety and in support of the fight against the spread of the virus, new Patient consultation conditions have been put in place, some of which have been implemented into the online booking system.

In the image below, all links shown in “Grey” are no longer accessible by Patients using the “Online Medical Patient System” as they are deemed to be a potential risk to the fight against the Coronavirus in our Community.

To find out more for the “Market Surgery” in Wath-upon-Dearne, telephone the Surgery and listen to the updated Patient information provided in the recorded message.


Take care everyone, look after yourselves, your family, and where possible, your community requests for help.

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