Brampton Ellis School 1946


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Brampton Ellis School 1946

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  • Ian Haywood says:

    My father Stanley Haywood went to this school in the 1930s, he was born in 1928 and will be 90 in October. He knew the famous Robledo brothers and I would dearly love to find a school photo which includes both my father and the Robledos. I believe my father would have left in 1942.

    Could you please help me?

  • Roy says:

    Hi Ian. I went to Brampton school comp. I recall an Asi Haywood. Nickname. A good javelin thrower in my year. Id be happy to know how he is doing. Maybe he was your brother?
    My father Jack Bradbury was a friend of the Robledo brothers. I recall him telling me one of them dissapeared at sea. It could have been in the Red Sea but im not sure as it was decades ago. Best Regards

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