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News: Latest – distributed around Yorkshire December 01, 2016 04:28:43 PM

Barnsley Council has set out its plans to make Barnsley an even better place to live, work and visit in its newly launched Corporate Plan. The plan shows the outcomes to be achieved by 2020 and highlights how the council will change the way it works to make sure it can deliver what’s needed.

Diana Terris, Chief Executive, explained: “We’re keen to share our plans and what we’ll be doing for the next three years, putting our customers at the heart of what we do, finding innovative ways of delivering sustainable services and getting more residents involved in helping to make their communities stronger.”

Some of the key areas for change and investment set out in the new plan include:

Early Help: Stepping in only when we need to and taking a joined up approach

Driving behaviour change: Engaging with communities to inspire real change

Driving growth: Creating opportunities for businesses and incentivising investment

Brexit: Maximising global opportunities and preparing ourselves to benefit from changes

Technology: Developing modern, efficient customer service models.

Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton CBE, Leader of the council, added: “There’s so much more we want to achieve by 2020. This revised plan will help us to make sure the work we do makes a real difference for the people of Barnsley. We have less money to work with as we’ve saved £87 million since 2010 and need to save £18 million more by 2020, but with our long term planning and clear objectives we’re actively striving for a brighter future and a better Barnsley.”

The council’s three priorities are the areas where resources are concentrated. These are:

Thriving and vibrant economy
People achieving their potential
Strong and resilient communities.

These are supported by the concept of One Council, where everyone works together in a culture that’s customer-focused and commercially-minded. Under each priority is a number of key outcomes which the council monitors progress against on a quarterly basis. The council will keep residents up to date about their achievements and areas for improvement throughout the three-year period.

Approved by Cabinet today, the full plan is available at To keep up with the council’s achievements against its three priorities, people can use the new dedicated hashtags on Facebook and Twitter #StrongerBarnsley, #AchievingBarnsley and #ThrivingBarnsley.


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